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USB Serial Programmer for PINE A64 SBC, PINE A64+ SBC, PINE A64-LTS and SOPINE Model A baseboard.
Based on Silicon Labs CP2102
Support Virtual COM Port Device Drivers
With XH 5 pin 2.54mm pitch connector for UART connection
Voltage Output on the connection is selectable to either 5V,3.3V or off
On board USB-B Connector Receptor
Connector J3 can direct insert into Pine A64 Exp-Bus to provide console access to Pine A64 board I/O pin are protected with ESD protector IC
On board 5x2pin connector can direct insert into Pine A64 Exp Bus for UART0 Console access
Can use for programming and debugging for Wifi Remote I/O board

Package includes the following:
1) PMPROG01 Serial USB Programmer
2) UART Programming / Console Cable (W5T4-01-15)
3) 5FT 1.5M USB 2.0 Cable A Male to B Male

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