PINECIL Preheater Hammerhead Tip

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Pinecil Preheater Hammerhead tip is a compact design act as constant temperature preheating head, it has the effective heating area, and greatly save energy consumption and instant heating time, turn a desktop temperature preheating unit into a portable one. Good for desoldering small area PCB such as small connector and electronic components.


Hammerhead block:
Material: Pure copper block with Chromium coating
Heating area: 15mm * 15mm  * 15mm and 20mm * 15mm  * 20mm
Temperature range: 100-350°C
Item weight: 30 gram and 50 gram

Silicone Mat:
Material: Silicone
Dimension: 296mm * 196mm  * 1.2mm
Temperature: with stand up to 525°C
Item weight: 100 gram

Packing list:
1 *  Pinecil special design tip model: TS-Screw:
1 * 15mm * 15mm  * 15mm copper head block
1 * 20mm * 15mm  * 20mm copper head block
1 *  296mm * 196mm silicone mat


Even the silicone mat can withstand the Pinecil hammerhead heating temperature, the heat still able pass thru mat and contact with table. Please don’t place the heated head on the silicone mat for period of time and potential damage the work table.

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