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Suitable for Pine A64 SBC, Pine A64+ SBC, Pine A64-LTS SBC, SOPine with model A baseboard, SOEdge with model A baseboard, and RockPro64 SBC

This is 2 Piece Acrylic Enclosure as seen on the campaign video and photos. (Board not included)

This case is built with 2 pieces of acrylic, a top and bottom, with bottom piece with preset raised mounting points for the board. Top piece is screened with PINE 64 logo.

The two pieces are separated by 4 aluminum legs and secured with hand-screw screws that also act as legs.

This enclosure allows easy access to all development and connection ports along and also is open for easy airflow.

16 rubber washers are also included to stick in between acrylic and stainless steel fasteners.

1. For ROCKPro64, please consider using mid profile 20mm height heatsink without fan, the tall profile 30mm height hetsink not suitable for acrylic open enclosure.
2. This case only fits ROCKPro64 board without PCIe interface card slot in.


Installation Guide – PINE64 Acrylic Open Enclosure

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